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Motley Community Church?

As I have been studying the letter to the Philippians and preparing the message for this Sunday, I have been mulling over this rather unusual and infrequently used word that this sermon series has given occasion to invoke – the word: motley (unusual unless you are still a big fan of the popular 80’s metal […]


Waiting. Apparently, waiting and I do not agree. All week I have been waiting to find out if we would get clearance to travel in order to get Ethan our adopted son from the Philippines. Everything is put on hold. Everything is tentative. It’s been a long week. Then again, this entire adoption process has […]

Small Group Training Retreat

Small Groups at Cross Community Church

Like any entrepreneurial enterprise, church planting comes with a plethora of possibilities that vie for priority attention. To simplify and to focus our efforts we have chosen to concentrate on Sundays, Small Groups, and City. Recently, we had the opportunity to move small group ministry forward in a significant way: six couples and a single […]

Pastor Irwyn in action, with his sweat towel in hand!

A Refreshing Perspective On The Solution For Injustice

If you’ve been tracking with us, you’ll know that we’ve been going through a preaching series called Unbelievable. Through this series we’re hoping to engage with the world around us as we seek to understand how God speaks to each of these very important and relevant questions. We want to shepherd God’s people lovingly, carefully […]

Ben, Nooree and I along with Dr. Eric Mason of Epiphany Fellowship

Recap from Thriving Frequency 2015

Last weekend, Ben, Nooree, and I had the privilege of attending the Thriving Frequency Conference, held at Temple University in the heart of Philadelphia, PA. Thriving Frequency is an annual training conference for men and women who are conducting gospel mission in an urban context, with a particular focus on African-American and multicultural churches. Many […]


We are launched!

Amazed and grateful. That is how I feel having experienced our kick-off service this past Sunday for Cross Community Church – amazed by God’s wonderful grace, and by his kindness to help us make this day a reality. The thing is, I am an unlikely church planter and the group that God has assembled to […]