Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Church Planting Pastor

Ben Wikner

I am an ordinary misfit. God has brought me from being an orphan in Korea to being adopted by Scandinavians in Iowa to marrying an Irish girl from San Francisco. I went to college in the South, have served as a pastor in a small Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Southern California and then a megachurch in Maryland. Needless to day, I don’t fit well in any profile! But because of Jesus Christ and the power of the gospel, I am…
Operations Admin

Annabel Hughes

Annabel was born in Germany, and at age 8 moved to the United States. 4 years later, her family moved to her mother’s home country of South Korea where Annabel spent her formative teenage and young adult years. She graduated with a B.A in English Literature from Kyung-Hee Univ in Seoul, and taught English for a couple of years post-graduation. In 2004, Annabel got the exciting opportunity to move to Washington, D.C to work for the D.C Bureau of one…