We are launched!

We are launched!

Amazed and grateful. That is how I feel having experienced our kick-off service this past Sunday for Cross Community Church – amazed by God’s wonderful grace, and by his kindness to help us make this day a reality.

The thing is, I am an unlikely church planter and the group that God has assembled to plant this church would all consider themselves unlikely participants in such a venture. None of us have ever done anything like this before; none of us had a clue we would be doing this a year ago. But here we are – a new church off the ground! And what a start. According to our resident statistician and historian, Henry, we had 180 attendees for our first public service. While it’s not about numbers, the energy and enthusiasm of this first service was palpable and exciting.

I am grateful for all of the help we received to make this church possible. So much goes into planting a new church. The 25 member launch team is to be highly commended. This is a funny bunch – diverse, delightfully idiosyncratic, bursting with energy. From the perspective of one trying to lead this motley crew, the thing that has characterized this group the most has been the remarkable unity it has demonstrated, but only through lots of disagreement and diversity of opinions. That’s how true unity is forged – through disagreement!

I am also so thankful for Mclean Presbyterian Church, our “Mother church.” They have fed us, supported us, appropriately instructed us and gave us plenty of words of encouragement and hugs along the way. Truly, we couldn’t ask for a better mama church.

So now we begin. I am really excited for the inaugural preaching series, “unbelievable” where we seek to engage with some of the most significant and difficult questions that confront the Christian faith. This Sunday we get it started with “Does God Even Exist?” Can’t wait to see what God will do and what’s in store for this church from here.